If you are new to Windows 8 which was launched last year on 26.October. 2012 in all over the world then this is the feature which you are thinking about the most-Start Button. Just in case you haven’t upgraded yet, make sure to check out my previous articles on how you can install Windows 8 on a virtual machine without removing your current Operating System.

What is start menu button? 

Start Menu Button-: We all thought that button would be present forever which makes all programs and files under one place but Microsoft just proved us wrong and start button is replaced by a metro tile search and all apps menu in windows 8.

How to Include Start Menu in Windows 8

The good news is that some smart developers have already found some ways to include the start menu option to Windows 8. There are currently a few third-party applications out there that can help you find your way in Windows 8. So here are top  apps which I think can be useful for getting start menu back in windows 8.

1. Pokki Start Menu

Pokki Start Menu is probably one of the best-looking Start Menu out there. Although it does not look similar to the previous Windows Start Menu but it suits to windows 8 look.

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RATING- 7 out of 10

2. Classic Shell

Classic Shell comes with a lot of options to play with.  You can switch to Windows Xp , Vista or Seven Start Menu easily. Best of all it is free and does not contain third party app and I will highly recommend you to use this.

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RATING- 9 out of 10

3. Spesoft Windows 8 Start Menu

This one looks pretty much the same as the Classic Shell except that it lacks some features like the restart/switch user button, its just the alternative of classic shell with less functions  use it if you like to .

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RATING- 6 out of 10

4. Power8

It is similar to Classic Shell except that its start button is smaller and users might find it difficult to click on but worth a try and feel like windows 7 and vista.

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RATING- 8 out of 10


5.IOBit StartMenu8

It will not only bring you back your Start Menu in Windows 8 but also allows you to skip the Metro Screen and boot up directly to your desktop this one is recommended for those who are not fans of metro interface then use windows 8 as windows 7 upgradation like windows 7.

Get From here-Download and Know More

I have tried all tools mentioned above and I personally think Classic Shell and IOBit are the best of them. But you can try each of them and then decide to use according to your usage and comfortably.

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