SEEN-DEACTIVATE-ON-FACEBOOKSo this is the most annoyed problem I face sometime on Facebook, When i chat with someone on Facebook, and the person reads your message, it displays ‘seen’ along with the time the message was read. While you might find this, a pretty cool feature that allows you to know if your friend is ignoring your message, it presents a real privacy concern for many users like me as sometime messages can’t be answered (you know what I mean :P) depending on the situation. So lets see how to Deactivate or stop this feature in your browser.

There are some browser plugins/extensions which can disable the ‘seen’ feature when you chat with someone on Facebook. Here is stepwise guidance for chrome and Firefox users.

For Firefox users

1. Install the popular plug-in Adblock, then go to Filter Preferences and click on the Custom Filters tab.
Alternatively, you can access it via the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+F.

 2. Click on Add filter group and assign it a name of your choice.

3. Right-Click on it and choose Show/Hide filters (CTRL+R). Click on the Add Filter button on the top to add the following rule:


For Chrome users

If you are under Chrome, you can install Facebook Unseen. This plug-in offers some flexibility allowing you to toggle between on and off to either enable or disable the plug in. It also provides you with statistics how many messages have gone ‘unseen’.

By installing the mentioned plug-ins above, you can now take back control of your Facebook privacy to prevent an awkward situation.

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