The best 50 apps for your Nokia Lumia

So did you just got a windows phone/lumia device for yourself and wondering which apps you need to have in your lumia device then this article is made exclusively for you. Windows Phones is getting popular day by day and one of the emerging Mobile OS in recent days still some people don’t choose it over ios and android due to less apps compares to other competitive mobile OS. But now windows phone store has almost all the necessary apps you need on your phone and below are the best apps collection based on categories.

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Top 20 tips to optimize the code in C and C++

Recently I did an assignment on code optimization in c and c++ programming language and believe me I found some interesting results on code optimization.Code optimization is basically a practice to improve your code with respect to various parameters like space,memory access-direct and indirect,time,processor and compiler.Most of he result are taken from google search,youtube videos(specially […] Continue reading →

Top 10 players in ipl-6 Auction

Ipl-6 auction has been done on 3/2/2013 with most of the austrailian players getting the opportunity to earn huge bucks and other country players are still searching for stable team.It’s not unusual to see allrounders and bowlers getting lots of money in the auction as most of the team has their batting order sorted.So here […] Continue reading →

Sachin’s Record Book-A tribute

One day international cricket has been ended today,yes you all heard that right because the man who changed the odi cricket style has retired from one day international cricket.Sachin Tendulker has finally decided to say good bye to his most lovable thing Cricket(Only in Odi’s right now).So to tribute him lets have look at his records which he made in his 23 Old […] Continue reading →